Sun protection for hair and scalpThe signs may not be quite visible at least in the beginning, but both the hair and, especially, the scalp suffer in the sun the same way your skin does.

We usually notice the consequences of over exposure to the sun at the end of summer when our hair has lost its luster and vibrance unless of course we have provided our hair and scalp with adequate sun protection.

Also, keep in mind that the sun is not the only threat to your hair and scalp´s beauty and health but also the sea salt and the chlorine of the pool. Therefore, daily sun protection using specialized hair products has proven to protect the hair’s health, appearance and texture.

How Does Sun Affect The Hair?

Especially during the summer, our hair´s exposure to the ultraviolet radiation as well as sea salt and pool chlorine without proper protection is the cause of intense hair dehydration and loss of glow.

These are the first signs that, in the long run and as we continue neglecting hair sun protection, lead to premature aging of the hair. This becomes more visible especially at the age of 40, when we start losing hair, the hair becomes thinner and it naturally turns gray.

Each time our hair gets exposed to the sun without protection, hair melanin absorbs ultraviolet radiation. Due to the cumulative effect of the sun, UV rays make hair weaker since the natural defensive mechanism stops working properly, leading to both the hair and the scalp getting affected negatively.

At the beginning of the summer holidays, our hair may get some natural highlights, but as the sun exposure continues, this natural color loses its brightness and it fades. Dark brown and black hair seem to be more sun resistant whereas fair hair is more vulnerable to the sun. Gray hair often turns yellowy after long sun exposure.

How Does Sun Affect The Scalp?

The scalp is nothing more than the skin of the head. It consists of soft tissues that cover the scalp and have the same structure as the epidermis.

However, long hours sunbathing without wearing a hat severely affects the scalp, and is the cause of intense redness or irritation which sometimes is shown at the area of the head where the skin is always exposed. An unhealthy scalp also means weak and brittle hair.

How to Protect your Hair and Scalp from the Sun?

  • Wearing a hat even in the city and of course throughout the holidays is the first step you can take in order to properly protect your hair and scalp from the sun.
  • Choosing hair sunscreen products that provide wide range protection against UVA and UVB rays just as you do for your skin is another step.
  • Intensive hair hydration has proven to drastically promote hair´s protection. The thin film with which the specially selected moisturizing agents that are contained in moisturizing hair products surround the hair with prevents hair’s damage by sun, salt, and chlorine.
  • Nourishing hair oils, masks and conditioners can take care of your hair during those summer months. You can use them while sunbathing but after sunbathing as well for some instant hair repair.
  • For a complete hair and scalp sun protection while sunbathing, you can spray your hair with a specialized sun protection spray for hair and scalp, and then gently massage it into the scalp and all along the hair.
  • Rinse the hair with plenty of running water as soon as you come out of the sea or the pool because the longer the salt and chlorine stays in the hair, the more sensitive the hair becomes and therefore vulnerable to dehydration. Sun radiation just adds up to this damage.

All in all, sun protection for the hair and scalp is very important for your hair staying healthy looking, hydrated and glowing, preventing damage and even premature hair aging.