How to trim your beardIt is great to see that more and more men are beginning to grow beards today. Nevertheless, with some of the beards I see, there is no doubt that some bearded men need to read this guide on how to trim and groom a beard correctly.

Whether you want to maintain a long full beard, stubble or goatee, you will need some tools to give it a well groomed look.

There are various methods of trimming, such as using a beard trimmer, scissors or razors. Whatever method you choose, here we will give you all the necessary steps you can follow to trim your beard with a trimmer as well as with scissors.

Choose your Beard Style

Before you start trimming your beard, it is important that you decide what style of beard you want to have, a full beard, a stubble or a goatee. Once you decide, the rest is no mystery, you just need to follow a few simple steps and you are home.

Of course, you may make some mistakes on the way and end up over cutting or trimming but there is no need to panic, just let the nature take its course and allow few days so that the beard grows again and you can shape it correctly this time.

In order to get that perfect look, you will need some patience. I know so many guys that have gotten quickly frustrated and ended up shaving it off.

Steps of Trimming the Beard with a Trimmer

There is a large choice of trimmers available in the market today and perhaps using a trimmer is the best and the fastest method of trimming a beard.

Almost all of these trimmers come with either built in or separate attachments called combs. Combs are available in various sizes which determine what length of hair you want to maintain.

One important point here is that if you are planning on keeping a stubble, make sure you check the smallest cutting size of the trimmer as not all trimmers can give you that 3 days shadow look. So, let´s get started!

Before you pick up the trimmer, you need to wash and thoroughly dry your beard because a clean beard is always easy to trim and get a precise shape.

Once it has dried, you need to comb it to make sure that you straighten all the hairs and especially those stubborn ones which are curled under the surface of the beard. This process is especially important for people with long and full beards.

Starting with the Neck Area

I always start with the neck area. It is important that this area is well trimmed, so you will need an attachment comb with a lower level than what you will have to use for the rest of the beard.

For some guys who have a little double chin, growing a beard is the best way to hide the double chin. It just may be best not to cut the beard very thin under the chin. If you do over cut it, do not worry as the hair grows very fast in that area.

Also, you need to mark a line where you want the beard on the neck to finish. This can be easily done directly with the trimmer without using any comb. If the trimmer comes with build in combs, just put it on zero and that will make the line.

Trimming the Facial Area

Same as you did for the neck, you also need to mark a line on the face depending on how you want the shape of the beard to look like.

With the next step, even the most experienced guys go sometimes wrong and especially if you are a beginner. Just make sure to go for a longest cut length at first and you can always switch to a shorter length once you have gained more confidence. You can reduce the length gradually to achieve the desired beard look.

Another important thing to watch out for is the angle of the trimmer. Trimmerscut either more or less, depending on their angle. By using larger combs in the beginning, you will get familiarized with the device and get to know the angles.

When you have finished with trimming, you will find that some hairs are standing out and those can be trimmed either with scissors or you could invest in buying a small nose trimmer with a blade on one side which is an ideal tool for the final trimming.

The final step to shape your beard perfectly is to use a razor to mark the lines neatly. This step is described below in detail.

Depending on your beard growth, you need to do the overall trimming at least once a week but the shaping with a razor should be done 2-3 times a week.

Steps of Trimming the Beard with Scissors

Trimming the beard with scissors is a good choice especially if you wear a long beard. It is also more convenient as you only need to trim every two or three weeks.

There is nothing worse than wearing a long beard that looks messy because no matter how much you comb it, if you do not trim it with scissors from time to time, the time will come when you will lose the style you may have.

As for those wanting a stubble beard, scissors are useless and only a trimmer can give you that perfect sexy look.

Wet and Dry the Beard

The first thing you need to know is that you should never trim if the beard is wet because the wet hair seems longer, so once dry, you may find that you have over cut the beard.

A perfect example is when you go for a haircut and your barber starts cutting after shampooing. While he or she cuts the hair very little, once it is dry, it looks a lot shorter than what you expected.

You can dry your beard using a hair dryer on low heat.

Comb the Beard

In addition to the scissors, you need a beard comb with which you need to comb your beard well. The combing process is the same as explained above.

It is also necessary that you choose one side of your face to start trimming and then match it with the other side, instead of jumping from one area to another.

Keep in mind that if you have a long beard, you should never cut it horizontally if you don´t want to end up with a completely uneven beard.

First, start by combing the beard in the direction of the hair and then do it against the grain. As you are combing, all those hairs that protrude through the comb will be the ones that you will have to cut with care, always following the direction of the comb.

You should comb softly and hold the comb at an angle, which will bring up the hairs that need cutting.

You should also use a beard comb which has the right teeth for combing a beard instead of a common hair comb. The hair combs have much finer teeth which can scratch your skin.

The method of trimming the chin area with scissors depends on the length of your hair. If it is very long, you can take the hair in your fingers to see the length and cut it slowly and carefully.

For a shorter beard (not stubble,) the one sided blade nose hair trimmer, which I mentioned above, works great for me. You just need to pass it gently cutting any hair protruding out.

Steps of Shaping the Beard with a Razor

Finally, we have to talk about the use of a razor for giving the perfect shape to your beard. This is done on the area where you have marked a line, it can be on the neck and your cheeks.

No matter how much you trim your beard, if you do not shave the areas of your face where there is no hair, the beard will never look well groomed.

So, what you need is a razor and a shaving cream or foam. If you have a hard beard, you may need a shaving brush to soften the skin and build lather.

If you have foam on your face, you need to mark a line with your finger to see where the beard ends.

Pass the safety razor gently and carefully so you don´t destroy the line of your beard. This will need a little practice for the beginners but in no time you will get the hang of it.

Same to be done on the neck line in an upward motion. I usually pass the razor upwards and downwards as the hair grows much faster on the neck.

All in all, these were all the steps you need to follow to trim your beard with a trimmer or scissors and shape it using a razor. It just needs a bit of practice and persistence so that you get that perfect style of beard you really like and suits you great.