Shampoo your hair correctlyIf you are wondering how to shampoo your hair correctly, you are in the right path of discovering how to help your hair be cleaner and look more shiny, vibrant and healthy.

It might seem strange but it is a fact that the beauty and health of your hair is directly linked to not only the type of shampoo you are using but also the way you are shampooing your hair.

So, if you have not giving much attention to the proper shampooing of your hair, here we have got some great steps for you to really improve the way your hair looks and feels.

Choose the Right Shampoo According to your Hair Type and Needs

If you belong to the category of the people who think that they need a shampoo just to wash their hair, you might want to re evaluate the importance of a good quality shampoo for your hair needs.

So, what you need is to know the type of hair you have and then also think about the needs of your hair at each period. To add more to it, I would say that when choosing the right shampoo, you need to have in mind the condition of your scalp as well.

For example, you might have a scalp that is prone to dryness, flakiness, oiliness or other conditions. When it comes to hair, you might have a certain type of hair which is not considered to be so common like oily hair with dry ends or your hair might be going through some problematic period which makes it dull.

In addition, your hair might be damaged, so you need a specialized treatment like a good Keratin shampoo or if your hair is dyed, you need a color safe shampoo.

When picking up the right shampoo, all these factors have to be taken into consideration so that you actually choose a shampoo that will not only cleanse your hair but also treat any hair or scalp problem you might have to deal with.

The quality of the shampoo is another factor which you need to keep in mind. Shampoos that are full of chemical fillers can irritate your scalp and make your hair look dull and unhealthy.

So, get to know more about the safe ingredients for your hair and read the labels carefully. Choose a shampoo that is specialized for your hair type and condition and do not pick up a product just because it is very well marketed.

In your quest for the right shampoo, you might need to try out some different options. Also, give the shampoo some period to work, so that you are more sure about its results in your hair and scalp and not just judge a shampoo because of its great smell or fancy bottle in which it is contained.

Bare in mind that you may have to keep more than one shampoo in your bathroom cabinet for the different needs and conditions of your hair.

For example, if you are using a hair loss shampoo or an anti dandruff shampoo, you cannot probably use it daily, so you may need to keep one shampoo for regular use and one for the condition you are trying to deal with. Or, during some days of the week, you might need to use a clarifying shampoo and others to use a more moisturizing shampoo.

These are the factors you need to think about if you want to use shampoos that are more suitable for your hair and scalp needs.

How long Should you Shampoo your Hair?

The time that you will need to shampoo your hair depends on the length of your hair, whether your hair is dyed and how clean it already is. For example, using styling products will make the time that your hair needs to be shampooed more.

Less clean or oily hair will need the shampoo to be left on for longer than normal hair. Dry hair will also need some time for a nourishing shampoo to work. Anti dandruff or hair loss shampoos should be used according to the product instructions.

The shampooing time not only includes the time of the application and massaging but also the time that you leave the shampoo on your hair and scalp.

If there are no instructions on the bottle about the time you should let the shampoo on, then you will need to let the shampoo on according to your hair type, length, needs and amount of styling products used.

The time needed can range from 2 minutes to 5 minutes but it all depends to how you feel that the product is working in your hair. Gentle shampoos or natural and organic shampoos can be left in the hair longer compared to those chemical laden products that can be irritating.

Finally, if you want to preserve your hair color longer, you should avoid very often shampooing, rinsing with hot water and taking long to wash. So, if you want better preserved hair color, avoid hot water and shampooing that lasts long. Also, choose a dye safe shampoo.

How Much Shampoo Should you Use?

One of the reasons that sometimes your hair looks weighed down and lifeless after shampooing is that you use a lot of shampoo when washing to create a lot of foam but this can most of the times result in not rinsing it off properly.

The same happens with conditioners or leave-in hair products that you apply abundantly on your hair but are rich in silicone. Silicone makes hair slick and easily manageable, but tends to remain on the hair and weigh it down so that the only way you can remove it is through the use of a deep cleansing shampoo.

Truly natural and organic shampoos do not contain silicones and therefore are a lot lighter for the hair and not as difficult to rinse off. That is also why they are healthier to the hair and scalp. Still, beware to use certified organic products so that you are certain about their quality and safety.

What is the Best Way to Shampoo your Hair?

Before you apply your shampoo, soak your hair with warm water so that you can more easily remove the natural oils and all the residues from styling products.

Apply to your hair as much of the shampoo as you think it is suitable for your hair and evenly spread along your hair. Wait for a minute or so for it to start functioning and then softly massage your scalp avoiding to roughly rub your hair if you want to avoid getting damaged.

Rinse it off properly with plenty of lukewarm water since the hair can be weighed down and look dull not because of the shampoo you are using but because you are not taking enough time to rinse it off well.

What about the Conditioner?

A lot of people avoid using conditioners either because they think it is not necessary or because they think it weighs down their hair.

Still, hair conditioning is very important in the process of washing your hair regardless its length or type since it slicks, detangles, moisturizes and protects the hair from styling.

Just the only thing you have to be careful with is to choose a suitable product. The creamy reparative formulas that act as masks are suitable for natural dry hair, curly or damaged hair whereas light conditioners that do not contain extra emulsifying ingredients are good for fine hair which need to be moisturized but not weighed down.

Also, keep in mind that a conditioner is not used in the same way as a shampoo. You should apply the conditioner only at the ends of your hair where most of the damage is and leave it there for as long as it is needed or recommended on the bottle.

You can wrap your hair in a warm damp towel in the mean while and then rinse it off very well with some cool water for some extra glow.

All in all, if you want to know the way to shampoo your hair correctly, this guide can help you find it and also discover the various benefits of washing your hair the right way.