Most people’s hair has a tendency to tangle (depending on its length) and people with curly hair tend to get more tangles than the average person.

Finding the best comb for detangling hair can make it easier and less painful to remove those knots and leave your hair looking smooth and well kept.

Breezelike Wide Tooth Hair Comb

Breezelike Wide Tooth Hair Comb

The Breezelike wide tooth hair comb is a high quality well made comb from 100% buffalo horn and green Sandalwood. It is 5.9 inches long and does not create static. It works well on curly or wavy hair without causing frizz.

In addition, it is handmade and beautiful to look at and easy to use.

Users find that it is gentle on hair, leaving it looking and feeling smoother. Since it is made from natural black buffalo horn, it keeps static from building up in your hair. Users like that it detangles without snagging or breaking their hair.

Rbenxia Sandalwood Hair Comb

Rbenxia Sandalwood Hair Comb

The Rbenxia Sandalwood hair comb is a wide tooth green Sandalwood comb that is 7.8 inches long and helps to prevent static. Its handle is easy and comfortable to hold while combing or styling your hair.

It actually improves the condition of your hair and is likely to last for several years with proper care.

Users review that this product isdurable and they like that it glides through curly hair detangling it without breaking it or causing frizz. Its pleasant scent is long lasting.

Natural Hair Master Women’s Large Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb

Natural Hair Master Women's Large Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb

This green Sandalwood comb has wide teeth that makes detangling your hair easy and less painful.

It detangles even the kinkiest and most curly hair simply and easily with less pulling and fewer broken hairs. It also comes with a nice toiletry bag that helps keep the comb clean and dust free when it’s not in use.

User say that it treats hair gently. It is well made as well as sturdy and works well on coarse, long and curly hair, but can also be used for thinner straight hair.

Conair Styling Essential Detangling Comb

Conair Styling Essential Detangling Comb (Various Colors)

The Conair Styling Essential Detangling comb is 7 ½ inches long and ideal for people with thick and curly hair since it has wide teeth and rounded tips. It both separates and lifts hair detangling and reducing frizz.

People use this comb both on wet or dry hair. It detangles the curliest hair gently and with less breakage than brushes or many other combs.

It is easy to hold and extremely durable. Users experience less frizz and state that their hair is left feeling and looking smoother.

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

This seamless double row of teeth comb is designed to comb and detangle curly and knotted hair gently.

It works well to unsnarl even the curliest tangled hair and results in less snagging and breakage than other combs. It is nicely weighted and has wide teeth, which cuts down on the time it takes to detangle knotted hair.

Many people use it to work conditioner through their hair as well as combing it when it dries. The double set of teeth works like your fingers for detangling.

Breezelike Wooden Hair Comb

Breezelike Wooden Hair Comb

This green Sandalwood comb has wide teeth and measures about 7.1 inches long. It reduces static and people use it both on wet and dry hair.

It is nice size and detangles hair easily and gently. Users find that it helps reduce flyaways as well as split ends while it also leaves their hair smooth and healthy looking.

Finally, it is durable and is made to last for years of normal use.

Pure Glo Wood Hair Comb

Pure Glo Wood Hair Comb

This Pure Glow wood comb is a handmade wide tooth comb made from green sandalwood.

It is naturally scented and has a beautiful seamless finish. Moreover, it is anti-static and results in less frizzy hair, breakage and split ends. It gently detangles both straight and curly hair, and feels good in the hand.

It comes with its own storage bag and is wonderful at providing users with smoother hair and more defined curls.

All in all, if you are looking for a reliable comb that can detangle your hair while preventing breakage and frizz, one of these best combs for detangling curly hair may be just what you are looking for.