Whether you have naturally fine and thin hair, or have been slowly losing your hair over time, you may want your hair to be thicker and fuller or at least appear that way.

Finding a good hair thickening shampoo can help your hair look fuller and healthier.

Here are the 10 best hair thickening shampoos for men.

Every Man Jack Hair Thickening Shampoo


Every Man Jack Hair Thickening Shampoo comes in 13.5 bottle and is SLS and paraben free. This 2-in-1 hair thickening shampoo and conditioner contains natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, coconut derived surfactants, glycerin, Shea butter and Soy Protein.

In addition, it has a refreshing scent and some users have stated that their hair appears thicker and really clean.

Although some consumers have said that they didn’t notice their hair getting thicker, other users have felt that their hair got thicker after only a few uses.

American Crew Hair Recovery Thickening Shampoo for Men


This American Crew Hair Recovery Thickening Shampoo for men comes in an 8.4 ounce container and is designed to add body and thickness to your hair. It gentle cleans and softens your hair while adding moisture and shine to it.

It can be used daily and the majority of users do state that not only does this product clean their hair incredibly well, but it also helps to thicken and add a great deal of body to it.

While some users don’t believe that this shampoo will permanently thicken their hair, they still like the temporary thickening results they get by using it.

ArtNaturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo


This ArtNaturals Organic Argan Oil Shampoo comes in a 16 ounce bottle and is a volumizing shampoo that is designed to make your hair healthier and stronger. It also adds luster and shine to even the dullest hair.

It is sulfate free and users find that it leaves their hair really clean, soft, shining and fluffier.

Some users have mentioned that this product helps to slow down or prevent hair loss as well as add volume to thinner hair. After a few times of use, people have found that their hair and scalp feels and looks healthier.

T.I.G.I. Head for Men Charge Up Thickening Shampoo


This T.I.G.I. Head for Men Charge Up Thickening Shampoo comes in an 8.45 ounce bottle and is designed to temporarily make your hair appear and feel fuller and thicker.

Users who have tried this product state that it really cleans their hair and leaves it soft and shining.

In addition, most of them have stated that it does make their hair look and feel subtly thicker perhaps because it helps to clean all residue from the hair, leaving it not only cleaner, but less flat as well, which adds to the fuller appearance.

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Regrowth


This ArtNaturals hair growth therapy shampoo comes in a 16 ounce container and contains a combination of all natural oils that are designed to reduce the shedding of hair. This product is designed to add body and volume to thin or thinning hair and it comes with a money back guarantee.

Users say that it improves their hair’s texture and leaves it feeling clean and thicker. Some users also do find that it reduces hair loss and state that their hair strands actually get stronger.

Other consumers mention that it actually helps to fill in balding spots while thickening the hair all over your head.

L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro for Men 2-in-1 Daily Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner


This L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro 2-in-1 thickening shampoo and conditioner combines both the shampoo and the conditioner. When you order it, you get 6-13 ounce bottles so it will last you for a long time.

Users review that they have felt the difference in their hair after only using this product once and  that it works especially well on fine hair.

In addition, it suds up reasonably well and they like the fact that they have noticed the thickening results of this shampoo faster than with other thickening shampoos.

Dove Men + Care 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner


This Dove Men + Care 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner comes in a 12 ounce container and is designed to make your hair thicker and stronger. It contains caffeine and Calcium to help with your hair growth and health.

Users report that this product results in their hair being cleaner, softer, stronger and thicker.

They also do mention that it really does wonders for thin hair adding volume and making it easier to manage.

L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro For Men 2-in-1 Daily Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner


This L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner comes in a 3 pack. You also have the option to buy a 6 pack set of 13 ounce bottles which we have reviewed above.

Users like that their hair looks noticeably thicker after only one use and that it does add both volume and body to their hair temporarily.

Do keep in mind that this product only thickens the strands temporarily and you will need to continue using it in order to experience the same results.

Thicker Fuller Hair Revitalizing Shampoo


This Thicker Fuller Hair Revitalizing Shampoo comes in a 12 ounce bottle and contains caffeine to energize your scalp as well as vitamins and minerals to help your hair and scalp recover their health.

It does leave hair looking noticeably fuller and helps to stimulate new hair growth faster.

Users feel that it rinses off well and is really great for thin fine hair, strengthening it and actually making it feel thicker.

Ultrax Labs Hair Lush/Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Thickening Treatment Formula


This Ultrax labs Hair Lush Thickening Shampoo comes in a 1.7 ounce container.

It is super concentrated so a little goes a long way and designed to instantly make your hair appear thicker while reactivating the hair follicles to help you grow new hair.

Additionally, it will add fullness as well as body and also help to reduce further hair loss.

Most users state that they have seen a reduction in hair loss or some new hair growth within a few weeks of starting to use this product.

In conclusion, while not every hair thickening shampoo will work for everyone, one of these best hair thickening shampoos for men may work for you.